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Indian spices can find a place in any cuisine around the world. It’s just a matter of using the right quantity of right flavors at the right time.


We, Pawan Groceries, are the manufacturers/packers of these Indian Spices aims to provide you the right flavors by these handpicked spices with purity and freshness.

The complete process is hygienically carried under the supervision of a well-educated team. The range of ingredients available to home cooks has expanded dramatically and Pawan Groceries deals in all types of spices either whole, grinded or blended with the name of “Triyamb Spices”.


We already have a Cold storage unit to keep the freshness of these spices and also deals in and stores all types of Fruits, Dry fruits, etc. by the name of “Pawan Cold Store”.

Triyamb Spices guarantee complete hygiene, purity, and the fresh aroma of all spices so as to  “Preserve your Taste”…


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